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Mila Kunis Icontest's Journal

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12th October 2006

theshowisfree2:47am: Contest 5: Midweek Reminder
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enter here.

Banners for Contest four will probably be posted with those of contest five.

1st October 2006

theshowisfree9:51pm: Contest 4: Winners
We had a tie!Collapse )

Congratulations to the winners :) Don't forget to enter our current contest!
theshowisfree9:44pm: Contest 5: Couples
Since I'm willing to bet a large sum of money that at least 90% of the people here are That '70s Show fans, I'm going to have a "Jackie with Hyde OR Kelso" challenge.

+ Can use any picture(s), as long as the icon somehow symbolises Jackie and her romances
+ Jackie/Mila must be in the icon
+ Must be in by October 13th. Two weeks for this one, a) in hopes of getting a few more entries and b) I'm unavailable next weekend :P
+ Anything else goes


Jackie and Hyde
That '70s Central
Zen Love

Have fun :)

27th September 2006

theshowisfree9:26pm: Contest 4: Midweek Reminder
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enter here. We've only had one entry, so we could use more! =D

25th September 2006

theshowisfree8:18pm: Contest 3: Winners and Banners
Great entries, guys :)Collapse )

Tell me when you've snagged them :)

Contest 4

24th September 2006

theshowisfree11:02pm: Contest 4: Seeing Double

>> At least two pictures must appear on the icon.
<< Must use the pictures provided
>> Entries due late Friday/early Saturday

I tried to get a varietyCollapse )

By the way, if you would rather I posted the links to the pictures instead, just say so. I'm never sure if you would rather see all the pictures at once, or if it's just easier for you to click the links.

Oh, and voting for Challenge 3 has closed, but I won't be able to post the winners until tomorow night. Sorry =(
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23rd September 2006

theshowisfree1:24pm: Contest 3: Voting
Vote for your favouriteCollapse )
Current Mood: awake

22nd September 2006

theshowisfree7:50am: Contest 3: Reminder
Don't forget to enter our third contest! Entries can be submitted right up until the voting is posted :)

20th September 2006

theshowisfree8:17pm: Contest 2: Banners/Contest 3: Mid week Reminder
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All teh prettiesCollapse )

Sorry these took so long. If junior year is this crazy, I just can't wait for senior. /sarcasm. Comment when you pick them up :)
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18th September 2006

theshowisfree9:33pm: Contest 2: Winners
Great round!

Drumroll, pleaseCollapse )

Remember to enter Contest 3: Free for All

17th September 2006

theshowisfree3:00pm: Contest 3: Free for All

Make up to four icons, using any picture, any brush, any text. There are no rules to this contest. Be creative!

Entries must be in by Friday, September 22.

GALLERIES: (Note that you don't have to use pictures from any of the places linked. Feel free to find your own!)


16th September 2006

theshowisfree10:10am: Contest 2: Voting
Remember when you're voting, to put your favourite icon listed first, your next favourite listed second, and your third favourite listed third. Just because I weigh the votes =)


Vote for your top threeCollapse )

15th September 2006

theshowisfree7:50am: Contest 2: Reminder
We can always use more entries! All icons must be in by the time the voting is put up, either late tonight, or early tomorow. Enter here.


13th September 2006

theshowisfree4:43pm: Contest 2: Mid Week Reminder
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Enter here. More entries are always good!

Also, shewasfire, you can pick up your banner here.

As well, I'm looking for another mod. It wouldn't be anything huge, just if I can't get to a computer, or I'm going to be unavailable for the weekend, they'd take over until I got back. Fill out the application, and comment with it (all comments will be screened). I'll announce who I choose when I post the icons for voting. And if no one applies, we'll just . . . leave this for a while then. ;)

ApplicationCollapse )

10th September 2006

theshowisfree11:05pm: Contest 1: Winners
Winnnners . . .

Did you win?Collapse )

Congrats to the winners! Banners should be up sometime tomorow.

Enter Contest 2
theshowisfree5:46pm: Contest 2: Picture Perfect
Contest 2


+ Must use the pictures provided
+ Brushes, textures and text can be used
+ Entries must be in by 11:59PM EST, Friday, September 15/06
+ You can enter up to THREE icons

Pictures!Collapse )

9th September 2006

theshowisfree10:51am: Contest 1: Voting
Great entries! Voting is now closed =)

In the city of blinding lightsCollapse )

8th September 2006

theshowisfree6:26pm: Contest 1: Reminder
We've only had one person enter so far, so please try and get some in, guys. Even if you don't have time for three, one or two is fine =) Remember, you have until noon tomorow [Saturday]. Enter here.

6th September 2006

theshowisfree8:00pm: Contest 1: Mid Week Reminder
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Remember to get your entries in for Contest 1. You can submit your icons here.

5th September 2006

theshowisfree12:30pm: Contest 1: Brush and Textureless
I know I said I'd wait until next Monday, but I decided to start this week and see what kind of result we get =)


+ No brushes or textures can be used AT ALL, although text and animation is allowed.
+ All entries must be in by 11:59 AM EST on Saturday, August 9th
+ Any picture of Mila can be used
+ Comment with the URL of the icon
+ You may enter up to THREE icons

So that's it. Just comment here =)

And here's to hoping for a good result.

NOTE: Because I just realised it's Tuesday, and not Monday, now, I'm extending the deadline to 11:59AM EST on Saturday.

2nd September 2006

theshowisfree11:23pm: Introductions
So I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Jenna, and I began this community when I couldn't find any for icon challenges centred around Mila Kunis.

Depending on the amount of members, I'm *hoping* to have the first challenge up by next Monday - which means some serious plugging on my part.

So friend, join, whatever. Just remember to enter and vote on the contests!

If you have any questions, you can contact me through email (available on my profile), or just leave a comment below. Thanks!
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